TOPSCORE CheerMixes has been banging out top quality cheerleading and dance music for over 13 years now while serving hundreds of customers world wide. We strive to offer unique music mixes to clients all over the world. We understand that music quality, turn-around times and affordability are key factors when it comes to choo​sing a music producer and we make it our priority to keep our customers satisfied.

WeLCOME To Topscore cheermixes

Our music inspires!

We make the best music at the best price. Period. Please take some time and listen to some of our samples. Our style is unique in its own way. When you use a TOPSCORE CheerMixes product at a competition, it stands out from your competitors. A mix should have more than just a high energy beat and sassy voice-overs. Of course we've got the hot beats and the catchy voice-overs, but we also incorporate the raw emotion of real music.